I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.
--Duke Ellington

c. 1994; Jeffrey Lee Adler, lyrics, Roger Weinstein, music.
Ken Gregory, congas and guitar; Herb Avery, piano; Gary Land, bass; Mike Haid, drums; Robb Chapman, cello; Carl Emerson: viola; Chip Epstein, violin. String choir written and conducted by Ken Gregory.

"A.M. Lament"
c. 2001. Jeffrey Lee Adler, words and music.
Dave Webb, bass; Robb Chapman, cello; Chip Epstein, viola. Arrangement, Ken Gregory and Jeffrey Lee Adler.

"Dream in F"
c. 2001. Jeffrey Lee Adler, lyrics, Mary Duke, music.
Sandra Lutters, piano.

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